Becky Rust


When I met my husband I was very much a “Utah girl”. I had just taken a leap of faith and moved out with some friends into an apartment in the college city located 30 minutes from my childhood home. I remember at one point while my husband, Ryan and I were dating the conversation of future employment came up.  Ryan informed me that he was almost certain he would not be able to find work inside the state of Utah after he finished his graduate degree. I broke down into tears over the mere thought of ever having to move away from “home”.  My prayers were answered when, not long into our marriage, he was offered a job located in the city right next to my home town! Continue reading

Helina Bavelas

I’m an advocate for making sure every person knows they are special and worthwhile. Despite their flaws, insecurities failures and all. If I had a theme to the story of my life that would be it.


Motherhood felt especially hard when I knew it was healthier to be divorced rather then married. The process was life-changing. I had held on to the marriage not wanting to hurt my boys, but I was grateful for the strength I found inside of myself to move forward. I love family. I think holding tightly together is the best, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. Continue reading