Why Rising Violet

Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving. -Madeline L’Engle


At Rising Violet, we believe that stories are powerful. They bring us understanding, strength, and comfort, simply by connecting us to one another. We recognize that the world has been built and shaped by ordinary people whose stories are too often never told. Many of these belong to women and especially mothers. It is our mission to tell their stories!

Rising Violet will be a medium where mothers will have the courage to tell their story, no matter how ordinary it feels. We will give them a welcoming space to share their viewpoint and perspective. We hope to expand the narrative of motherhood to encompass the mothers who make up our communities, our nations, and our world.

Rising Violet’s purpose is to recognize mothers for their own work, their own life, and their own voice. We will empower women and mothers by saying, “YOU matter! YOUR voice and YOUR story matters!”

By collecting and sharing mothers’ stories, Rising Violet hopes to encourage mothers to recognize their influence. We will empower the mothers of this world because we know what significant differences they can make. While they might feel they are living quite ordinary lives, the result of their collective efforts is nothing short of extraordinary.

Because Rising Violet recognizes the power of stories, our mission also includes providing books to those who lack access to great literature. We will collect new and like-new books to donate to homeless and transitional housing across the US.


Can we tell your story? Click here to share your own story. Know someone whose story needs to be told? Click here to nominate a mother to be interviewed.

Have a book to donate? Do you know an organization that needs books? Click here for more information on our book donation program.