Why Rising Violet

Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving. -Madeline L’Engle


Rising Violet started as a gathering place for the stories of “ordinary” women. At Rising Violet, we believe stories are powerful. They bring us understanding, strength, and comfort, simply by connecting us to one another. 

As we collected stories, we began to feel a greater sense of purpose, and a greater responsibility to those women who are brave enough to share their story. We decided we wanted to do more.

Many women feel cultural expectations and pressure to rely entirely upon their partners for financial security, but due to death, divorce, and other circumstances, later find they are unable to provide for themselves or their family.  

Rising Violet empowers women in their financial journey. By providing one-time gifts of $1000, we remove a small financial obstacle in their path while simultaneously helping them feel seen, loved, and supported as they continue on their journey towards financial independence. 

Rising Violet started as a gathering place for women’s stories. Our purpose now is to contribute financial aid, compassion and support to women as they continue to live their story.

We invite you to learn more about Violet [directs to Who Was Violet?] and the team behind Rising Violet [directs to Board info]. 

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