Shanna Lindstrom

Shanna Lindstrom


Ellie Brown


What childhood dreams did you have about being a mother?

I thought about being a mother all the time when I was a child. The main reason is that I had great (in my mind they were great) ideas about how to run a home and engage with children that my parents were not receptive to or interested in at all. They would tell me, “You can do that when you have a home and family of your own.” It triggered my rebellious side and I determined to be the best mother the world has ever known. Turns out being a mother is a lot harder than I expected! But I think all those years of preparing and that strong willed determination to show my parents they should have listened to me (lol) have really worked in my favor and helped me through some hard times.

How do you feel motherhood is viewed by those close to you? Society? Continue reading

Helina Bavelas

I’m an advocate for making sure every person knows they are special and worthwhile. Despite their flaws, insecurities failures and all. If I had a theme to the story of my life that would be it.


Motherhood felt especially hard when I knew it was healthier to be divorced rather then married. The process was life-changing. I had held on to the marriage not wanting to hurt my boys, but I was grateful for the strength I found inside of myself to move forward. I love family. I think holding tightly together is the best, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. Continue reading